Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coldplay at the Honda Center

Coldplay closed out their tour of the States after kicking it off back in July at the Forum.

Sleepercar went on stage close to 7:30 sharp which was a shame as most people missed their Texas tinged alternative country flavor. It wasn't the first time seeing Jim Ward (Vocals/Guitars) at the Honda Center as I remembered going to see Jim in Sparta when he opened for Incubus when it was dubbed the Arrowhead Pond. Sleepercar unveiled a batch of songs from their debut album West Texas and threw in a cover of The Flying Burrito Brothers "Older Guys".

Jon Hopkins was up next with his electronic textural washed DJ set. Jon co-produced a couple of tracks from the newly released Coldplay EP Prospekts March. Jon played a similar set to his Forum gig and I would have preferred he opened the show as it brought down the energy level from Sleepercar.

Having witnessed a number of Coldplay performances over the years, I wasn't as impressed compared to the OC Register and OC Weekly. I felt Chris's voice was a little off. Chris was emphasing some of the notes in the songs differently. It could have been me but the excitement and electricity wasn't as elevated compared to the Forum show. The only moment were the intensity was matched was during "Viva La Vida". Here is a rough timeline of the events:

9:15 Lights dim. Crowd screams. "Life in Technicolor".

9:22 Que the lasers, it is time for "Clocks". Chris has a delay effect on his piano.

9:27 Chris says, "Hello, We are from Orange County"

9:31 "Speed of Sound"

9:38 "Cemeteries Of London"

9:41 Jonny Buckland is strumming a Fender Jazzmaster. Has Coldplay gone shoegazer?

9:44 Chris heads back to the piano for "42"

9:48 A blue wash of lights blare as Chris changes the lyrics during "Fix You" stating you are in "row 57 at a Coldplay show"

9:53 "Strawberry Swing"

9:58 Coldplay relocates to middle of the floor for a mini-electronic set of "God Put A Smile On Your Face" and "Talk". Will Champion hits his electronic drum kit in a way that reminds me of Portishead's "Machine Gun".

10:04 "The Hardest Part" where Chris laments his age at 31 and that he isn't as talented as the Jonas Brothers.

10:06 Chris flubs the lyrics.....audience appalause and cheer at the show of humility.

10:09 "Viva La Vida" despite how many times you heard the song, it is epic in the live setting.

10:13 "Lost!"

10:17 Ushers put up caution tape and line the floor.

10:18 Coldplay runs down the floor to the back of the arena for an acoustic version of "The Scientist".

10:22 Will Champion sings "Death Will Never Conquer".

10:25 "Viva La Vida" remix blares while Coldplay run back on stage.

10:28 The crashing piano chords of "Politik" raise the energy level.

10:35 My favorite tune from Viva La Vida..."Lovers In Japan".

10:36 I am showered in hundreds of paper butterflies.

10:40 "Viva" banner unfurls on stage.

10:45 Chris talks about coming here eight years ago(KROQ Acoustic Christmas 2000) before starting to play "Yellow".

10:50 Get soaked running to the car.

Coldplay setlist at the Honda Center (11/25/08)
"Life In Technicolor"
"Violet Hill"
"In My Place"
"Speed of Sound"
"Cemeteries of London"
"Chinese Sleep Chant"
"Fix You"
"Strawberry Swing"
"God Put A Smile On Your Face"
"The Hardest Part"
"Viva La Vida"
"The Scientist"
"Death Will Never Conquer"
"Lovers In Japan"
"Death And All His Friends"

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