Monday, February 04, 2008

Death To Anders-Fictitious Business Album Review

My main forte is usually reviewing concerts. I haven't delved into the realm of album reviews..until now. I will be conducting a segment called "Chemical Analysis" were I will review albums I have been listening to and help spread the word about good music that you should support. My first review will be that of the majestic Death To Anders.

Elements of:
Pavement, Archers of Loaf, They Might Be Giants, The Dead Milkmen, Sonic Youth

Chemical components:
Glockenspeil, Violins, Jangletastic guitars, Obtuse lyrics, tightly crafted songs

Lab Report:
"Fictitious Business" is the lost album between Pavement's "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" and "Wowee Zowee" with a sprinkle of Archers of Loaf. The song "Fictitious Business" serves as a nice introduction into the cornucopia of sounds that Death To Anders has to offer as they hook you with the vocal harmonies at the 2:39 moment of the song before diving head first into a basket of dissonant guitar squalls. Death To Anders ups the ante by shifting from guitars to Glockenspeil near the ending of the song keeping the attention of listener. "Ghost Rock" stopped me dead in my tracks with its careening guitars and urgent drum shuffle. It is no surprise that Mr. Shovel of Indie 103.1 recently played this song on his program because it is one of the many stand out tracks on the album that immediately connected with me. In order to understand the term "Jangletastic", I refer you to the song "Great Plains States" with its almost Pavement countrified sound and foot stomping twang solo. "Mooney Stegg" has guitars that seem to be too tuned to sharp but it deftly manages to pull in the listener. "Doll" fools the listener with its quiet piano intro mixed with violins that slowly builds until it collapses into full blown indie rock gem with urgent vocals and reverse delayed guitars. "Dark Bathrooms" is the opus of the album clocking in at seven minutes. I thought Death To Anders may have run out of tricks by the time I reached the finale of "Camera Lens" but I was completely wrong as they have Sarah from The Happy Hollows on backing vocals. The album ends so quickly you can't help but reach for the repeat button. Check out Death To Anders myspace page to spin some of the tracks and purchase the album via Paypal.


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