Monday, February 25, 2008

The Album Leaf at the Detroit Bar

I am extremely glad The Album Leaf love the Detroit Bar as much as I do. I have managed to catch the Album Leaf at the Detroit Bar two other times in prior years and they always have the sound dialed in. This particular night was no exception as the Album Leaf sounded spectacular.

What Laura Says Thinks And Feels

What Laura Says Thinks And Feels passed the test again with a even better sounding set at the Detroit Bar. It is always interesting for me to see a band that I am not familiar with twice in a row because if I remember the general structure of the songs then I will purchase the cd. What Laura Says Thinks and Feels played a too brief thirty minute set that seemed to have them kicking it in high gear before their time limit hit. Jacob Woolsey (Percussion) was up to his usual noise making antics pulling out an instrument that I can only remember from the days of Cake. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a setlist to report what specific songs they played but I recommend you check out their website for some spins. I quickly remembered they played "Couldn't Lose Myself If I Tried" after hearing the first few notes on their website.

Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow rattled the audience's eardrums with a solid batch of primal tunes. Dan Wise (Guitars) understandably was wearing a Velvet Underground shirt that makes a good reference point to their overall sound. The similarity of Zack Wentz(Drums) to Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello is uncanny but mostly involves the crazy mustache. Zack was leading the tribal romp on one of their new songs "Social Security". The core of the sound is primarily constructed with the raw bass lines of K8 Wince and Zack's drums but Dan's guitars sew up the songs make them whole. My curiosity was piqued enough to investigate future releases from the band.

The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf travels with their own sound mixer because their sound is so complex. I would like to tip my hat to this gentlemen because the Detroit Bar was sounding top notch on this particular night. The Detroit bar happens to be a bit darker inside compared to the Echo and this worked to the Album Leaf's advantage in the visual department as one could clearly see the variety of images projected on the white backdrop. I would also like to report that their projectionist had a Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer. The Album Leaf played a similar set to their Echo Show which was fine by me. "Shine" did exactly what its named for as Timothy Reece (Drums) nailed the slightly off drum beat. "Brennivin" from their "Seal Beach EP" was dreamy with its programmed electronic drum glitches interspersed with soaring keyboards and Matthew Resovich's (Violin/Keyboards) stunning violin talents. "Red-Eye" from their album "Into The Blue Again" was well received from the audience as the Minimoog Voyager made a guest appearance. The Album Leaf is off to Japan for a few dates and I eagerly await their new album.

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