Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pity Party and Film School at Spaceland

This show marks the eighth time I have witnessed the musical mastery of The Pity Party. Their residency at Spaceland featured another outstanding line up with What Made Milwaukee Famous and Film School. I was hoping the month of March gives me a break but I hear Voxhaul Broadcast will be doing a Spaceland residency and the Viper Room has We Barbarians and Jim Noir so I doubt it.

What Made Milwaukee Famous

What Made Milwaukee Famous is doing a mini tour of Los Angeles to promote their latest release due March 4th on Barsuk records "What Doesn't Kill Us". This mini tour serves as a tune up before they embark on a full U.S. tour with Louis XIV. What Made Milwaukee Famous cut to the chase immediately with a searing fuzzed rock version of "Blood, Sweat, and Fears" from their new album. Michael Kingcaid (Vocals/Guitars) seemed to be focused on his vocals now that his guitar burden has been lifted by the slashing riffs of Jason Davis (Guitars) on his G&L guitar. What Made Milwaukee Famous have toned down the synths on the newer songs and turned up the rock as they worked through "Cheap Wine". They are playing with the Henry Clay People on February 25 at the Echo.

Film School

It was lucky show review number seven for Film School as I still have their album "Hideout" on major rotation. Film School has never let me down and delivered the goods with an added projection show to win over a hoard of new fans. Film School are restarting the touring machine as they gear up for SXSW and some upcoming dates with Airiel that I will be attending. Film School had me fooled from the beginning of their set as they started with dense sheets of feedback and atmosphere that evaporated into the soaring guitars of "Compare". Dave Dupuis (Guitars) converted his guitar into a tremolo swirling hurricane machine that blasted your eardrums while Greg Bertens (Vocals/Guitars) covered the remaining frequencies of the sonic spectrum. Lorelei Plotczyk (Bass) had her trusty Fender Mustang bass rumbling with a vintage Big Muff distortion pedal and an Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz at her disposal. The punishment on your eardrums did not subside as they launched into "Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl" that was quite possibly the loudest version I have heard yet with Dave engaging his Wah pedal for showers of feedback. The whole audience was engulfed in a storm of noise and visuals. "11:11" had an extended noisy intro before James Smith (Drums) came in with the beat as Jason Ruck (Keyboards) added his synthesizer magic. "Lectric" closed out Film School's set but they will be back next month and I recommend you bring your earplugs.

The Pity Party

The haunting chords from Heisenflei's (Vocals/Drums/Keyboards) Microkorg filled Spaceland as it was time for The Pity Party. "Wanting Want" goes by too quickly as the song ends just when you think its about to begin. Welcome to the devious world of the Pity Party. I was baffled by M's (Vocals/Guitars) guitar setup last week as his pedal collection continues to grow at a rapid pace. The secret pedal in his arsenal can finally be revealed as a Devi Ever Rocket pedal that can be purchased at Analogue Haven. The Rocket served as a sneak attack weapon that M unleashed during "Yours,That Works" with blasts of squeals worked into the song. This is yet another reason to see The Pity Party as their songs continue to morph and evolve over time. "Dronebots and Peons For Eons and Eons" was a highlight for me as Heisenflei deftly displayed her drumming and keyboard skills at the same time. "LoveLies" is a crowd favorite and is available on their homemade new EP "Orgy Porgy". "Every P.M." was the bookend to The Pity Party's set as another fifty minute set came to an end. The Pity Party close out their residency this Monday as it will probably be the last time you can see them for free.

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Anonymous said...

i heart henry clay, but wmmf blew my socks off! they are amazing live. can't wait for the new album!