Friday, February 15, 2008

Editors at the House of Blues Anaheim

I sometimes marvel at the stamina of bands to tour for extended periods of time and turn in outstanding performances every night. I can testify to this statement as this was the case for round 2 of the Editors, Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV at the House of Blues Anaheim. I was unable to take pictures of Louis XIV and Hot Hot Heat due to a mix at the box office but was able to capture another stellar performance by the Editors.

Louis XIV was received very well by the Anaheim audience. Mark Maaigard (Drums) started off the characteristic drum shuffle to "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" as Jason Hill (Vocals/Guitars) did well to connect with the audience as he emoted the lyrics. "Guilt By Association" was smoking as Brian Karscig (Vocals/Guitars) was slicing the audience apart with his white Gibson SG. "There's A Traitor In The Room" is a rabble rousing foot stomping anthem replete with soaring violins and vocal harmonies. I managed to pick up Louis XIV's new album "Slick Dog And Ponies" a few weeks ago at Lou's records which had two bonus cover tracks of "Save A Prayer" and "Ride A White Swan".

I remembered seeing Hot Hot Heat at the House of Blues Anaheim a few years ago with Ima Robot and the place was rocking. Hot Hot Heat had a strong contingent of fans in the front as the screams from the audience rivaled that of the Wiltern as the lads walked on stage. I was slightly baffled by Hot Hot Heat's choice of entrance music as the eighties metal band Dio blared over the speakers. "Talk to Me, Dance with Me" had the dance inciting cowbell intro that elicited cheers from the adoring crowd. I forgot to report at the Wiltern show that Steve Bays (Vocals/Keys) mentioned he had laryngitis a few days ago and was forced to cancel a show in Portland. Steve fooled me if he was sick because he was really belting out the lyrics. The almost Caribbean drum shuffle of "Give Up?" melted into Hot Hot Heat's dance synth punk with screaming guitar leads from Luke Paquin (Guitars). Steve was doing a good job of coming to the front of the stage and connecting with audience as should all good front men. It almost seemed like a home town show judging by the reaction from the crowd.


It was crowded in the photo pit for the Editors as there were two people in the pit with HD video cameras. There also seemed to be a longer intermission then usual for the change over to the Editors. Would this show be filmed for a live DVD? I would hope so as it was another intense show from the gentlemen of the Editors. I was suspecting that some fans may have left after Hot Hot Heat but this was not the case as the floor of the House of Blues was completely full and possibly closed to any more fans. Tom Smith (Vocals/Guitars) stood behind a synthesizer on the drum riser as the band worked its way into "Camera". The weaving guitar lines of "Bullets" was hypnotic as the guitar interplay between Tom and Chris Urbanowicz (Guitars) was stunning. The ammunition of the "Bullets" is when all the instruments drop out as Tom screams and Chris is left carrying the song. Chris's tremelo picking had me green with envy during "Weight of The World". Tom thanked the crowd for coming out on a Sunday night saying that there might have been some good shows on the tele. I hate to disagree with Tom but if you rather watch televison then go to an Editors show you need to check your pulse. "Lights" is performed at a ferocious clip with Russell Leetch's Rickenbacker bass audibly popping along with Ed Lay's frantic drumming. I did manage to take a peak at Tom's pedalboard and saw a Pro Co Rat distortion pedal, a Boss Digital Delay, and a Boss Equalizer. I was disappointed but not surprised to see that Chris had an elaborate switching system for his setup. "The Racing Rats" was epic with Tom pounding on his piano as he crawled on top of it during the apex of the song. It was a spine tingling moment for those in attendance. The hour and twenty minutes went by seconds as I only had on more show to go.

Editors setlist at the House of Blues Anaheim (2/10/08)
"An End Has A Start"
"The Weight Of The World"
"Escape The Nest"
"When Anger Shows"
"All Sparks"
"Push Your Head Towards The Air"
"Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors"
"The Racing Rats"
"You Are Fading"
"Fingers In The Factories"

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Mel said...

You're right - this show did seem to go by quick but it was one of the more enjoyable shows I have been to in quite a while. Glad you told me about them!!