Saturday, February 02, 2008

Peter Morén at the Hotel Cafe

Peter, Bjorn and John played all over the world touring for their album "Writer's Block". I caught a few of those shows at House of Blues San Diego, Wiltern, Henry Fonda and a memorable acoustic set at Fingerprints records. Peter Morén managed to find some time between touring to make a solo record "The Last Tycoon" that will be soon released on Quarterstick records.

Big Search

Big Search opened the evening with their tender acoustic ballads. Big Search is fronted by Matt Popieluch whom you may recognize from Foreign Born. I covered Foreign born a few times when I saw them at Little Radio and the Troubadour. Matt also joined Cass Mccombs when they toured with Peter, Bjorn and John. Matt effortlessly worked through some intriguing indie folkish material with his trademark Martin guitar. I was impressed with Matt's set and was unable to find any merchandise to buy but recommend you drop by their Myspace page for a listen. I will be catching Matt with Foreign Born in a few weeks when they open for St. Vincent.

Peter Morén

Peter Morén took the tiny Hotel Cafe stage by himself before breaking into song. It was interesting to note Bjorn and John were seated at a table close by cheering their bandmate on. Peter looked extremely comfortable and was his usual affable self as he described the background of a few of his songs in a VH1's storytellers format. "Twisted" was a fine example of Peter's songwriting abilities as he carefully carved out a miniature story. Peter was later joined by a string trio to provide a cinematic effect to the songs."Reel To Real" showcased Peter's guitar playing skills as he spun another story worthy of being on a major motion picture soundtrack. "La Petite Coeur" was one of the many high points of the night as the crowd raptly took in Peter's performance. The soaring strings behind the song combined nicely with Peter's mixture of singing in French and English. Peter would later grab his 1972 custom Fender Telecaster that he proudly mentioned he purchased at Guitar Center. I had suspected that Bjorn and John might have jumped up on stage to perform a song, but in the end it was truly Peter's time to shine.

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