Thursday, August 02, 2007

Peter, Bjorn & John at the House of Blues San Diego

Peter, Bjorn & John have been touring incessantly in support of their magnificent third album "Writer's Block". In the past week two weeks, they played Berlin, Japan and Los Angeles. I am sure they were excited to wake up in the same time zone and make a short trip down to San Diego. They seemed to have even more energy turning the House of Blues into the House of Rock.

Cass Mccombs opened the show playing his handful of indie folk songs augmented by Matt Popieluch(Vocalist of Foreign Born). The crowd had not fully filled the room yet but those in the audience were nodding their head in agreement.

The curtains at the House of Blues were drawn back and the aptly named "Peter, Bjorn, & John Backdrop" hung from the rafters as the sitar version of "Young Folks" ended. The rock show had begun as Peter kicked into high gear with "Let's Call It Off". The House of Blues was at max capacity and dancing along as they unfurled "The Chills". Peter quickly discarded his suit jacket in order to enhance all of his rock moves. Peter was switching between his Burns London guitar and his Fender Telecaster amplified by a Vox AC30. Peter also showed off his harmonica skills during "Paris 2004" . Although Boom Bip did not make the excursion down to San Diego, Gena Olivier of Midnight Movies stepped again out for "Young Folks". If you have seen the new Levi's commercial with the building coming through the floor, the background music is Peter,Bjorn and John's "Up Against Wall" . They closed their set with the extended feedback version of "Up Against The Wall" and proceeded to jetset to another destination in route to conquer the massses at Lollapalooza. I advise you to pick up tickets for their show at the Wiltern on Sept 17th before they start to play even larger arenas.

Peter, Bjorn & John setlist for the House of Blues San Diego (8/1/07)
"Let's Call It Off"
"The Chills"
"Start To Melt"
"Big Black Coffin"
"Paris 2004"
"Young Folks" with Gena from Midnight Movies
"Teen Love"
"Objects Of My Affection"
"Roll The Credits"
"Up Against The Wall"


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