Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blonde Redhead at the Glass House

In order to break up the drive out to the Glass House in Pomona, I stopped by Disneyland to find out it was Bats Day. Bats Day is when a bunch of goths, industrial kids and parents walk around the park dressed in black. It must have been really hot to walk around in black clothes all day in the sun. It was not nearly as hot as Blonde Redhead's performance though.

Midnight Movies opened again for Blonde Redhead and was well received by the audience. I don't think I have ever seen a band headline a show on one night and then see them the next day as an opener for another band. Congratulations to Midnight Movies for earning that rare distinction. Midnight Movies played a similar set as they did the previous night. I forgot to mention they closed their set with "Parallel Paramour" that quickly morphs into "Wild Thing". I did spot Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead off to the side of the stage observing the Midnight Movies set.

I think the last time I saw the Glass House as packed as it was on this particular night is when Ladytron played. I had secured a good spot up front and was ready to take in Blonde Redhead's best performance of the weekend. Kazu Makino(Vocals/Guitars) was downright intoxicating as she strummed the opening chords of "Dr. Strangeluv". She was whipping her hair around even more compared to the Sunset Junction performance and was frequently smiling. Kazu even made the comment about how they loved to play in Pomona. Amedeo Pace (Guitars/Vocals) was equally arresting toying with his assortment of boutique pedals. Amedeo's pedal board had some interesting stuff on it which included an Electro Harmonix Holier Grail Reverb and an Eventide Time Factor. These pedals are the building blocks of Blonde Redhead's outer worldly sounds. Kazu did a splendid job behind her Nord Electro keyboard as she pounded out the piano riff for "SW". When she wasn't behind the keyboard she was playing her white Gibson SG. Simone Pace did his usual stellar drumming job functioning as the glue that holds the delicate songs together. Some of the highlight songs included "Top Ranking", "Melody" and "Failing Man". The set was the quickest ninety minutes of my life. I only ask you do two things. Buy "23" from Blonde Redhead and buy yourself a ticket to see them at the Wiltern on Oct 25th with Autolux.

Blonde Redhead Pedalboard

Blonde Redhead Setlist for the Glass House (8/19/07)
"Dr. Strangeluv"
"Spring and By Summer Fall"
"Falling Man"
"The Dress"
"In Particular"
"We are a Real Team(Harry and I)"
"Melody of Certain Three"
"Top Ranking"


Anonymous said...

What kind of guitar is she holding in that picture where she's looking to the right of the camera? It has plagued my mind for months.

Jed said...

hey, thats a Teisco TB 64 guitar...a baritone to be exact....