Monday, August 27, 2007

Matt Costa at the Detroit Bar

When a band makes big they often forget about their roots. Matt Costa is not one of those people. Matt played the Detroit Bar frequently before launching into stardom with his debut album "Songs We Sing". Matt played a surprise show at the Detroit Bar as a warm up to his mini tour supporting Modest Mouse.

Matt previewed some new tracks off of his latest album "Unfamiliar Faces" which is due out on January 15. "Trying to Lose My Mind" was one of those tracks. It was wistful ballad that featured Matt whistling during the breakdown of song. "Mr. Pitiful" opened with a rag time piano riff accompanied by a walking bass line that had the crowd bobbing their heads in unison.

James Fletcher (Drums) was dutifully keeping time and also happens to be the drum for the local pop rockers Satisfaction. Mitchell Townsend (Guitars) was showing off his multi talents on his Custom shop blue Fender Telecaster and had a drool inducing Klon Centaur Overdrive pedal. Matt had a smoking Gibson blue hollowbody guitar that sounded as dynamite as it looks.

"Yellow Taxi" was extremely solid with excellent lap steel guitar work by Mitchell. Matt was switching between his acoustic and electric guitars all night with some harmonica mixed into the songs as well as handling the keyboards(Nord Electro) for a tune. "Cigarette Eyes" was another new foot stomping song with a jangly guitar riff. "Sweet Rose" had a more pronounced country vibe with a shuffling drum beat and fingerpicking guitar work. Matt divulged that "Sweet Thursday" was partially inspired by John Steinbeck's Canary Row. "Miss Magnolia" featured some killer mandolin and topped off with a ripping harmonica solo. The new songs were very impressive and I will see you at the record shop on January 15.


Anonymous said...

Hi there I am so jealous that I wasn't there! Hey isn't unfamiliar faces due out on October 2nd?

Anonymous said...

They changed it to Jan 15th :(

Anonymous said...

There's a link to video of Matt playing "Trying To Lose My Mind" at this show here:

There's also a few other new ones too!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Does anyone have a version of that Sweet Rose fingerpicking mentioned above?
I would really love to see that one.

regards, tj