Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dub Trio-Another Sound Is Dying Album Review

My chemical analysis series continues with "Another Sound Is Dying" from the Dub Trio released on Ipecac records.

Elements of:
Tool, Quicksand, Battles, Tomahawk, early Sublime, Lee "Scratch" Perry

Chemical Components:
Digitech Space Station, Electro Harmonix Memory Man, Buzzsaw guitars, Grinding Bass, Random Steel Drums, Mike Patton

Lab Report:
The Dub Trio impressed me when I saw them open for Helmet at the Vault 350 in Long Beach. They were touring behind their latest effort "New Heavy". Dub Trio defies classification with its mangling of musical genres. The Dub Trio has toured with such artists as Gogol Bordello, Umphrey McGee's and Helmet to give you a general idea of how diverse they are.They continue their tradition of diversity with the release of "Another Sound Is Dying". The disc serves as a good introduction to those unfamiliar with the band while satisfying its devoted fanbase. Besides the guest vocal appearance from Mike Patton on "No Flag", the album is a library of sonic and subsonic instrumentals. "Not For Nothing" starts of with a wallop to the head with its concrete heavy bass line backed by distorted guitar shrieks. The best part of the song is just when you thought you memorized the riff, the time signature changes and explores a more ambient instrumental metal side before diving head first back into its crushing opening riff. "Funishment" is mixture of sledge hammers and jackhammer guitars taking you down a dark twisted noise filled path. "Fuck What You Heard" starts with a metal riff that slowly decays and morphs into a lumbering jam before having you head rattled with a steel drum as they interweave elements of dub into the metal based riff. I highly recommend you drop in on their Myspace page to listen to some tracks to see if your head can handle it.

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