Monday, March 31, 2008

Glasser at the Echo

The thing about attending multiple shows in a row is that I am left with little time to write up the shows. I was going to rest but received a hot tip that I needed to check out Glasser. I am glad I didn't stay home as Glasser turned out to be quite the spectacle.

Early Dolphin

Early Dolphin was up first with their folk psychedelic rock that featured Clay Guccione (Vocals/Guitars) gently fingerpicking his Fender Jaguar guitar while occasionally stepping on his Choral Flange pedal for some swirling effects. Early Dolphin's songs were so new that Clay was reading the music or lyric sheets on a music stand. "Go Where You Want To Go" was their sun drenched California pop song that made some audience members gently sway. Early Dolphin will be dropping by Koo's Art Center in Long Beach on April 24th.


I was politely told by Matt Popieluch (Guitars) to clear the front of the stage to make room for the dance troupe known as Body City who were providing dance choreography to the music of Glasser. I thought to myself two things. First was that Matt has to be the busiest guy in Silverlake fronting Foreign Born, his solo project Big Search, moonlighting in Cass Mccombs, and now playing guitar in Glasser. The second thing was that the Echo was already packed and that free space was at a premium. Cameron Mesirow (Vocals) is the mastermind behind Glasser and apparently composed the songs via Garageband. Cameron is backed by two female singers who add layers of harmonies to the ethnic folk Feist/Bjork hybrid music. Cameron seemed to tap into all the instruments that you would normally pass over to make compelling and catchy songs. "Apply" is one of those songs that had jungle like bongos rumbling as Cameron's voice weaves a dreamy soundscape. It was difficult to pay attention to everything as I had to avoid the interruptive dancers in front and try to focus on what was happening on stage. Matt's guitars were more prominent in the live setting versus what you hear on Glasser's myspace page. I was intrigued by the performance and will be looking out for future releases from Glasser.

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