Thursday, March 13, 2008

Divison Day at the Detroit Bar

Division Day has continued their tour across the states in support of their solid debut album "Beartrap Island" on Eenie Meenie records. I caught Division Day before when they opened for Film School at the Echoplex and their cd release party at the Echo.


I last caught up with Oslo at the Prospector as they played a polished set that shined brightly with larger potential. Oslo is still supporting their latest release "The Rise and Fall of Love And Hate" which had some production assistance in the form of Sam Fogarino from Interpol. I would also like to note that Gabriel Mcnair (Guitars) used to be the horn player for some band called No Doubt. "Slowdive" opened their set with its careening guitars and underpinning atmospheric synthesizers. Mattia Borrani (Vocals/Guitars) was emphatically strumming his Gibson firebird and had a Ground Control Pro Midi changer connected to some Line 6 rack modules for a plethora of tones during his set. Gabriel Mcnair had a Gibson Hollowbody and a Ground Control Pro setup as well while providing extra colors to the overall Oslo sound with his guitar. "The Rise and Fall Of Love and Hate" had a nice bass groove by Kerry Wayne James (Bass) as the band seemed to have their live show down to a science. I foresee a residency in their future that should propel them to bigger things.

The A-Sides

The A-Sides by the way of Philadelphia bashed and clawed their way through their set with an energetic mix of Hot Rod Circuit riffs meshed with jangle of Hey Mercedes. It is no surprise that they are on Vagrant Records which happens to be the label of the aforementioned bands. The off kilter dynamics of "We're The Trees" works perfectly as they combine guitar chords and time signatures that don't seem to mix. Jon Barthmus (Guitars/Vocal) had a Fender Telecaster Deluxe and a Roland Space Echo at his disposal to create his waves of sound. Mike Flemming (Bass/Vocals) had a Fender Telecaster bass that had him playing a mixture of high and low end notes. "Diamonds" starts out deceptively slow before ascending into a higher atmosphere with reverb heavy guitars. I wanted to hear more of their songs but their time was up. Their latest release is "Silver Storms" out on Vagrant records.

Division Day

Division Day played one of their strongest sets to date as they flawlessly performed a good portion of their album "Beartrap Island". "Littleblood" was a great way to start their set with its propulsive bass line accompanied by Rohner Segnitz's (Vocals/Keyboards) cloudy synthesizer work. It was evident at a few moments how Division Day was a well oiled machine nailing the nuances in their songs with ease. "Tap-Tap Click-Click" had its raging hi-hat shuffle in full effect as Keys Ryan Wilson (Guitars) was playing the snake like riff. "Colorguard" had a somber vibe as the bass and synthesizers combined for a weighty mood. The screaming sirens of synthesizers of "Ricky" get me every time as you can't help but bounce up and down. The bouncy piano riff of "Tigers" is another track that you can't help but bounce along to before the drums come to forefront. "Reversible" was outstanding as Seb Bailey (Bass) added a subtle flanging effect to his bass that instantly reminded me of the Cure. Seb was also rocking a Le Switch shirt which I thought was a nice shout out. I have recommended their album "Beartrap Island" on Eenie Meenie records before and still stand by that recommendation.

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