Sunday, October 07, 2007

Division Day at the Echo

Division Day celebrated their release of their album "Beartrap Island" on Eenie Meenie records by performing a warmly received set at the Echo.


The crowd had not filed in yet when Eulogies appeared on stage. They missed out as Eulogies played a solid set of wistful tunes. I recently picked up Eulogies's self titled debut album on Dangerbird records a few weeks ago at Fingerprints records. Eulogies is fronted by Peter Walker (Vocals/Guitars) who had a cripsy guitar tone with his Gibson Les Paul and his Orange Amplifier. Their tunes were a mix of Death Cab for Cutie's guitar work and Iron and Wine's storytelling lyrics. They are currently on tour with Film School and I will be catching them again next month.

The Mae Shi

I didn't know too much about The Mae Shi except that Ezra Buchla used to be in the band. Ezra has gone on to another project The Gowns that I will eventually check out but The Mae Shi did have my curiosity peaked. The Mae Shi put on a confrontational show that was an assault of the auditory and visual senses. They played a brand of art damaged synth indie rock. If you listen to their latest track "Lamb and Lion", you will get the idea. The Mae Shi changed their clothes mid set and wrapped themselves in christmas lights. I will have to see them again to formulate a better opinion.

Division Day

Division Day received a hometown ovation when they appeared on stage. Their album "Beartrap Island" has been in constant rotation on my ipod. They started off their set with "Littleblood" to quickly get the crowd bobbing their heads and tapping their feet. "Ricky" was next and the band kicked it into overdrive as Rohner Segnitz (Vocals/Keyboards) triggered some howling siren synth pads. During "Colorguard", I was impressed by the haunting echo bathed guitar lines and accompaning keyboard work. The bouncy piano chords of "Tiger" led into the overdriven guitars that make the listener want to pogo along in time. "Reversible" is another catchy tune in their arsenal showcasing Keys Wilson's handy guitar work. Division Day will be back in November with Film School and I will be there for sure.

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