Friday, October 26, 2007

Blonde Redhead and Autolux at the Wiltern Theatre

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a big fan of Blonde Redhead. Their latest album "23" will easily fall into the top 5 releases of 2007 with Kazu Makino's dreamy lush vocals, Simone Pace's extraordinary drumming and Amedeo Pace's distinctive guitar playing. The album has a rare must buy recommendation from the Amateur Chemist.

I thought it wouldn't get much better after seeing Autolux and Blonde Redhead at Sunset Junction. I was wrong when they announced Blonde Redhead and Autolux at the Wiltern.

Autolux needs to make their sophomore album soon. It is torture hearing how good these new songs are and not being able to listen to them on my ipod. "Finders Fee" is one of these new songs that had Greg Edwards (Guitars/Vocals) providing feedback and extraterrestrial guitar noises on a silver Fender guitar. "The Science of Imaginary Solutions" puts you into a narcotic induced haze with its haunting sampler triggered opening that morphs into Greg's complex guitar chords. "Blanket" sounded flawless with Carla Azar's steady drumming and Eugene Goreshter leading the way on vocals. Autolux closed their set with another new song that started with Eugene singing and Carla taking over as the song shifted up and down. The song ended with a super fuzz bass breakdown that punctuated an electric set. All I want this holiday season is a new Autolux album.

I never get tired of seeing Blonde Redhead live. They haven't had a proper Los Angeles headline date on this tour but I caught them at the House of Blues San Diego, Sunset Junction and the Glass House back in August. When the opening chords of "Dr. Strangeluv" ring out, I quickly become captivated. Bright yellow beams of light projected behind them adding a sharp visual component in addition to their intoxicating audio presentation. Kazu Makino is playing her white Gibson SG as she sings while Amedeo plucked out the ringing notes on his Gibson Les Paul Double cutaway. Amedeo shined brightly as he delved into "Spring And By Summer Fall". The pit was not too crowded and allowed everyone to sway in time to "23". Kazu switched her guitar to sit in front of her Nord keyboard to play "The Dress". "In Particular" had Amedeo tapping his guitar bridge while holding down a guitar chord for the percussive intro while Kazu handled the squiggly guitar lines. "Equus" had Kazu walk to the front of the stage and passionately sing as she engaged the audience. Their set went by lightening quick as took a short break before the encore. A good percentage of people missed out when Blonde Redhead came back out for a second encore that was dedicated to Autolux. "Melody" sounded hypnotic with its phaser drenched keyboards. I was glad I would catch them once more at Vegoose before they head to Europe to open for Interpol.

Blonde Redhead Setlist for the Wiltern Theatre (10/25/07)
"Dr. Strangeluv"
"Spring and By Summer Fall"
"Falling Man"
"The Dress"
"In Particular"
"We are a Real Team(Harry and I)"
"Melody of Certain Three"
"Misery Is A Butterfly"

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