Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Autolux and Blonde Redhead at Sunset Junction

"Sunset Dysfunction" was the term I overheard while maneuvering amongst the masses on Saturday. After waiting for 20 minutes for a shuttle that never arrived, I opted to walk the 13 blocks in the heat to get a decent spot as Autolux was soundchecking their gear. I was planning on going early but was zonked from the drive back from San Diego.

Autolux was having problems with their monitors before their set and were continually going over to the sound guy to have adjustments made. Whatever they said, it worked. I was impressed with the speaker system and thought the band sounded great as they broke into "The Science of Imaginary Solutions". As a point of reference, I was about 8 people back directly in line with the speakers. I would imagine it might have sounded muddier in the back. The other positive note is that people in my area were either too tired to talk or they were actually fans of the band and were respectfully quiet which is unusual for festival type concerts. Greg Edwards (Guitars) added a lot of extra harmonics and flourishes to some of the songs. "Plantlife" stood out in terms of having some extra squawks and squalls. The PA system did cut out briefly during two parts of the show but sounded fairly good from my vantage point. Eugene Goreshter did manage to greet the audience with a "Welcome to our Soundcheck". Greg did debut a new shiny Gibson SG that was probably in some altered tuning compared to his other Silver 3 pickup Gibson SG. A solid performance overall that was well received.
Autolux Setlist for Sunset Junction (8/18/2007)
"The Science of Imaginary Solutions"
"Finders Fee"
"Subzero Fun"
"Capital Kind Of Strain"
"Turnstile Blues"

My friends made the fatal error of leaving to get some food after Autolux finished their set. I figured if I had come all this way to enjoy Autolux and Blonde Redhead that I was moving closer to the stage not farther away. After a prolonged change over, Blonde Redhead gave a performance that was compelling and wrought with emotion. Kazu Mazino was the center of attention with her hair whipping around as she passionately strummed her Gibson SG. The opening piano chords of "23" wrang out which sound like the beginning of an old Smiths song but quickly morphs into a hypnotic jam. "Falling Man" was superb with Amedeo adding urgency to the song and conveying his lyrics extremely well as he played his Gibson Les Paul Jr. through his Hiwatt Amp. They ended their stunning set with "We are a Real Team(Harry and I)" which is available as an itunes bonus track when you download the whole album. The genius thing is that you have a second chance to catch Autolux and Blonde Redhead together at the Wiltern on October 25th. If Asobi Seksu could also be thrown on the bill, it would be sonic heaven.

Blonde Redhead setlist at Sunset Junction (8/18/07)
"Dr. Strangeluv"
"Spring and By Summer Fall"
"Falling Man"
"The Dress"
"Melody of Certain Three"
"In Particular"
"We are a Real Team(Harry and I)"

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