Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blonde Redhead at the House of Blues San Diego

One of my top concerts of all time was the ticket stub from above. It featured a new band from Brooklyn called Blonde Redhead who were extremely loud and noisy. I was there to see Hum but the fact that I can remember their set from that long ago signifies that it left a lasting impression.  Blonde Redhead's latest offering "23" is simply stunning. This will be in my top albums of 2007 guaranteed. I was hoping they would play a smaller venue but was eager to catch them at the cozy House of Blues San Diego to start off my mini Blonde Redhead tour.

Traffic was horrendous on Friday night and I missed most of Midnight Movies but I managed to snag a few shots as they were wrapping up their set. I was disappointed because the soundsystem at the House of Blues is excellent and did well to differentiate all the sonic layers of Midnight Movies. My only recourse is I was lucky enough to see them at the Detroit Bar the next night and at the Glass House.

The curtains were drawn and the House of Blues was filled to capacity when Amedeo Pace (Guitars/Vocals) started to pluck the opening notes of "Dr. Strangeluv". Simone Pace (Drums) quickly followed in with his jazz influenced drumming as Kazu Makino's (Guitars/Vocals) voice emanated over the speakers quickly intoxicating the audience. "23" is a stellar album that gives praise to both Kazu and Amedeo but I think Simone is the unsung hero on this album as the drums stick out. I usually listen to albums and latch onto the guitars then the vocals. In this case, the subtle flourishes and different kinds of percussion on the album made my ears perk up. Throughout this concert I payed special attention to Simone and his drumming. He had a Roland electronic drum pad that he used for his multitude of drum samples. Amedeo stepped up to the microphone and sang "Spring and by Summer Fall" which has a beautiful counter melody played by Kazu in contrast to the louder, urgent guitar stabs played by Amedeo. The chemistry between all three members was very palpable and one could see them lock eyes throughout the set. Kazu did have some trouble remembering "Misery Is a Butterfly" but so sweetly apologized for it that you almost mistook it for part of the show. She was hugged by Amedeo to which the crowd greeted with a resounding sigh of compassion. They closed the show with "Equus" which helped me commandeer enough strength to brave the masses for Saturday.

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luis fernando said...

Surprisingly good, tight as a band in that "we are so into our music" way, they didnt have a lot of contact with the audience, but they express it through their melodies, and she is very sensual, very sublime vibe...the concert was really short, and her Cat Power meltdown moment was cute and at the same time dissapointing.

If they come again, im sure i will be there again just to prove that she can totally nail it this time.