Monday, August 20, 2007

Eskimohunter at the Detroit Bar

I originally was lamenting the fact that I had to sacrifice Eskimohunter at my beloved Detroit Bar to see Autolux at the Epicentre in San Diego. I figured I had shown Eskimohunter enough love by attending two of their Monday residencies and would catch them again around town. When Autolux finished at roughly 10:30 p.m in San Diego, I knew that the Detroit Bar tends to run late and that I might still be able to catch Eskimohunter. I double checked the time stamp of my first Eskimohunter picture and it was at 11:56 p.m. Anyone care to get extra credit and calculate my average speed?

I caught the majority of their set and was impressed how the band continues to get tighter in the live setting. I guess this is why bands decide to do residencies. Jason 71 (Guitars/Vocals) was front and center with his sparkly Fender Jazzmaster that has to be a homage to Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. The visuals were more compact compared to Spaceland and ended up being projected directly on the members of the band which made for some interesting photo outtakes. I have failed to mention in previous reviews that their EP release "Musical Snowglobe Express" is fantastic and features 6 songs with 3 bonus videos and can be purchased on their Myspace page. If you are really high tech, you can also download their videos as a podcast over on itunes. They should be heading back into the studio in a few months to record a full length release that will hopefully capture the chemistry and magic of their live shows.

Eskimohunter Setlist for the Detroit Bar (8/16/07)
"Intro 1"
"Walking Tour of Space 90013"
"My Super Pink Stars Will Make Us Click"
"Speed And Other Forces of Nature"
"M Intro 2"
"Surfing at 32F"
"Ice Station"

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