Monday, August 20, 2007

Sparrow Love Crew at the Detroit Bar

It was "Busy Work" night on Wednesday at the Detroit Bar as Sparrow Love Crew brought the jams to the masses of Costa Mesa for an energetic forty minute set.

I arrived as the fashionistas of M690(Mighty Six Ninety) wrapped up their glossy synth pop rock jams with slinky bass lines that were reminscent of the Bravery. I used to have a Mighty Six Ninety sticker on my bicycle back in the day as it was a popular AM radio station. Camille (Keyboards) was doing an impersonation of Gillian Gilbert(New Order) on her Roland SH-201. They will be doing a residency at the Detroit Bar soon.

Uma "Theremin".. I got the joke. Did you?

Top view of DJ Opi Styles homebuilt Theremin

As I mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of rap music. But there is something about the Sparrow Love Crew that is undeniable. I would almost qualify them as Indie Electro seasoned with old school rap. They would have perfectly fit on the "Beat Street" or "Breakin" soundtrack from the eighties. I think the secret is the programming done by DJ Opi Styles who kicks out some serious synth basslines combined with various bleeps and turntable scratches. One of the weapons DJ Opi Styles uses is his homebuilt Theremin that he attaches to his turntables for some serious noise. If you listen to the end of "Monster Boogie" on their Myspace page you will get a sample of the Theremin in action. The Crew rocked the Detroit Bar and their set was a remix mashup of their tunes such as "Monster Boogie", "Style like Us" and "Naidu". They are working on releasing an EP soon and gave away casette mixtapes at the show. Does anyone have a casette deck I can borrow?

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