Thursday, October 11, 2007

Morrissey at the Hollywood Palladium (10/09/07)

Morrissey's Button from his Yellow Dolce & Gabana shirt

It was nice driving into Hollywood on Monday since it was a holiday. I was reminded of that fact when I arrived at the Hollywood Palladium thirty minutes later then planned on Tuesday night. I didn't get a chance to eat prior to the line up and got a veggie hot dog from the concession stand. It was nice to see Morrissey keeping it real with no meat products being allowed in the venue. 
Kristeen Young came on at 20:00 sharp with her keyboard driven tunes. She had a pear strapped to her wrist that didn't slow her ability to rock out. She played a different set on this particular night that some of the people seemed to enjoy. I know she is playing a Roland keyboard but I can't tell what model it is.
The curtain dropped at 21:01 and I expected Morrissey to quickly walk onstage to a large ovation. Instead, the long winded spoken word intro came blaring over the speakers. They have not played it at all the other shows so I forgot how long the dialog is. At 21:06, Morrissey was in a brown dress shirt as he made his grand entrance to the usual rousing ovation. The flickering white strobe lights complemented the driving guitars of "London". Morrissey emphatically crooned "NO!" after the singing the line "And do you think you've made the right decision this time?".
Morrissey welcomed the crowd to "The Lion's Mouth" as the band tore into "You Have Killed Me". At the end of "You Have Killed Me", Morrissey told the crowd "Grazie!". "Billy Budd" was played at breakneck speed and sounded delicious. "Good Looking Man About Town" was a pleasant surprise. The crowd did look befuddled. It is a B-Side off of "You Have Killed Me" single for those who are unfamiliar with the song. "Death Of A Disco Dancer" was excellent and showcases Morrissey's vocals well. I especially enjoyed Mikey Farrell's Moog Voyager solo at the end of the song. "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" is one of the stand out new unreleased songs by Morrissey and Boz was propelling the song on his acoustic guitar with a capo on the second fret. "Stretch Out And Wait" had Morrissey hand off the microphone to an audience member for a response to to "Is there any point to having children". "The Loop" is another fast paced rocker that Morrissey cheekily said was a Tiger Army cover. "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" had Morrissey kneel down center stage near the end of the song. "Let Me Kiss You" featured the lyric change of "I have zig zagged all over Silverlake". Morrissey tore his yellow Dolce & Gabana shirt off at this moment and I was lucky enough to acquire a button in the process.
I was thinking during "Life Is A Pigsty" how docile the audience was and that I would include this tidbit in the write up. I must have missed the memo because during "How Soon Is Now?" a calculated strike by all Morrissey fans occurred. It was mass panic as the security guards went crazy calling for back up. The stage assault continued well into the encore of "First Of The Gang To Die" and Morrissey was visibly smiling. A highlight night for sure.

Morrissey Setlist at the Hollywood Palladium (10/09/07)
"You Have Killed Me"
"Billy Budd"
"The Youngest Was The Most Loved"
"Good Looking Man About Town"
"All You Need Is Me"
"Sister, I'm A Poet"
"Death Of A Disco Dancer"
"I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris"
"Stretch Out And Wait"
"The Loop"
"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?"
"Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"
"Irish Blood, English Heart"
"One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell"
"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"
"Let Me Kiss You"
"Life Is A Pigsty"
"How Soon Is Now?"
"First Of The Gang To Die"

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