Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Black Ghosts at the Detroit Bar

The Black Ghosts gave a performance that will haunt the memory of all those who were in attendance at the Detroit Bar. The Black Ghosts is a collaboration between Theo Keating and Simon William Lord who add their touches of darkness to create some pulsing dance floor burning anthems. The Black Ghosts performed a hybrid DJ set with Simon deftly taking on the vocal duties for some of the songs. I was highly impressed with Simon's voice and think it sounds even better live. "Anyway You Choose To Give It" was outstanding with its arcade ping pong bass line and ghoul like synthesizers. The lights were flickering along with the sporadic camera flashes as the smoke machines were working overtime. The crowd was absolutely eating it up as The Black Ghosts were hunkered over their laptops and throwing up their arms as the audience danced with reckless abandon. "I Want Nothing" was another primal romp that elevated the ambient room temperature to well above boiling. Simon would later close out the evening adding his characteristic vocals to the the omnipresent "We Are Your Friends" that was a highlight for all in attendance. The Black Ghosts were so good it was scary. I will have to wait later this summer for a full length release from the Black Ghosts but was able to pick up their recently released mixtape with a slew of remixed tunes to tide me over.

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