Monday, November 19, 2007

Film School at the Echoplex

Film School wrapped up their US tour with a dense sheet of noise at the Echoplex. I was excited to see this show because the Echoplex offers a louder soundsystem compared to the last time I saw them at the Beauty Bar.


Eulogies opened with their indie rock storytelling songs. Kevin from Buzz bands wrote a good piece on them here. I noticed Peter had a Vox cabinet for his Orange Amplifier. I am still listening to their self-titled album which is available on Dangerbird records. Their song "One Man" is very catchy and deserves some serious airplay. Lorelei from Film School came out and did a gorgeous rendition of "If I Knew You" that even had a audience member scream out to find out the title of the song. I will be catching Eulogies again when they play the Viper Room on December 3rd.

Division Day

Division Day are touring in support of their album "Beartrap Island". They put on a toe tapping show when I caught their release party at the Echo back in October. Seb Bailey (Bass) would switch between his bass and a slick Orville guitar that I don't think I have ever see on stage before. "Ricky" and "Colorguard" stood out as the highlight tracks from their set. I downloaded their album from itunes so I could get their bonus track "Chorisia" which has an excellent piano riff. They will be playing with Voxtrot at the Henry Fonda on Dec 3rd.

Film School

Are you starting to get the impression that I really like Film School? I can't really say enough good things about the band because their latest album "Hideout" is just stunning. It is the perfect marriage of swarming guitars, swirling keyboards, cavernous reverb, and strong songwriting. It would be wrong to classify them as shoegazer in terms of live performance because Dave Dupuis's hyperactive guitar playing easily dismantles this notion as well as Greg Bertens(Vocals) scraping his Fender Telecaster deluxe on his amplifier for additional feedback. The Echoplex was loud and so was Film School. "Lectric" was electric as Lorelei had her Fender Mustang bass rumbling as Dave and Greg dialed up the walls of sound. Colm O'Ciosoig from My Bloody Valentine was in attendance in case you had any doubt how good Film School is.

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