Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Travis at the House of Blues Anaheim

I have been waiting for Travis to return ever since I saw them at the KCRW Sounds Eclectic Evening. The band is touring in support of its new album "The Boy With No Name" which is a reference to Fran Healy's son when he was trying to figure out a name.

Maximo Park

The world needs more front men like Paul Smith (Vocals) from Maximo Park. Paul was not contained by the half stage as he bounded about like the energizer bunny. Maximo Park opened their set with "Signal and Sign" off their excellent debut album "A Certain Trigger". Duncan Lloyd (Guitars) had a black Rickenbacker guitar that had a jangle reminiscent of Peter Buck from REM. Maximo Park didn't let up the entire set as they charged into "Girls Who Play Guitars" with a bouncy bass hook provided by Archis Tiku (Bass). "A Fortnight's Time" off their latest album "Our Earthly Pleasures" had a heightened sense of urgency mixed with a dash of paranoia. "Karaoke Plays" sounded even better live with Paul doing his mid air acrobatics as Lukas Wooller (Keyboards) added the soft keyboard flourishes to the song. I don't think most of the Travis audience was prepared for the onslaught of Maximo Park but the round of applause that they received was confirmation of another audience won over.
Maximo Park Setlist at the House of Blues Anaheim (11/24/07)
"Signal and Sign"
"Girls Who Play Guitars"
"A Fortnight's Time"
"Now I'm All over the Shop"
"Karaoke Plays"
"By the Monument"
"Apply Some Pressure"
"Your Urge"
"The Unshockable"
"Kiss You Better"
"Books From Boxes"
"Going Missing"
"Our Velocity"

I have been to a lot of shows at the House of Blues in Anaheim and can safely say this was one of the best sounding concerts I have attended. I would attribute this to Travis and to their soundboard which happened to be a Digidesign D-Control system. After making a grand entrance through the audience in boxing robes and the theme to Rocky, the boys climbed the stage and threw the audience a stinging jab with "Selfish Jean" off their album "The Boy With No Name". Fran Healy (Vocals/Guitars) perpetually had a smile on his face as he strummed his Fender Telecaster guitar. Andy Dunlop (Guitars) tweaked his volume knob on his Gibson Les Paul for a creamy violin like solo during "As You Are". "My Eyes" was heavenly as Fran played a glistening 12 string Guild Acoustic guitar that sounded as gorgeous as it looked. I was impressed when they brought out the banjo for the intro to "Sing". "Driftwood" had a large majority of the audience singing along as Fran had a capo on the 7th fret of his guitar. "All I Want To Do Is Rock" had Andy taking his guitar to the people as he made his way into the center of the audience for the solo section of the song. Fran came back out by himself to do a true unplugged version of "20" as he unplugged his acoustic guitar and belted out the song. One could hear a pin drop as Fran played the song. "Flowers In The Window" was performed acoustically plugged in with the rest of the band helping out on background vocals. Travis closed the evening with a warm version of "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?". It was the perfect knockout punch to end the night. Travis is still the reigning champion.

Travis Setlist at the House of Blues in Anaheim (11/24/07)
"Selfish Jean"
"Eyes Wide Open"
"Love Will Come Through"
"As You Are"
"My Eyes"
"Pipe Dreams"
"The Beautiful Occupation"
"Good Feeling"
"All I Want To Do Is Rock"
"Baby Hit Me One More Time"
"Flowers In The Window"
"3 Times and You Lose"
"Blue Flashing Light"
"Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"

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