Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Control by Anton Corbijn

I usually don't have time to see movies because I am working or at a concert. I managed to sneak out on Monday to see Control by Anton Corbijn and I was completely floored. If you have Joy Division or New Order music in your collection, you must see this film. The cinematography is stunning and Sam Riley's portrayal of Ian Curtis borders on spooky. Anton shot the entire movie in black and white and the bleakness comes through. Ian Curtis suffered from epilepsy and Anton's attention to detail was amazing as it showed Ian having an absence seizure during one of his school classes. It also talked about the side effects of some of the medication Ian was prescribed like Dilantin(Phenytoin) which causes gingival hyperplasia(an excessive growth of the gums). The movie would later show Ian looking in the mirror checking his gums. Control also worked in Joy Division songs into the movie perfectly setting the scenes and giving them more weight. I might even go see it again.

Another movie I am looking forward to is Beautiful Noise which documents the sonically dense bands of My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & The Mary Chain, and many others for their contribution to current music. Some of the artists in the movie already are Trent Reznor (NIN), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Ulrich Schnauss, Adam Franklin, Kevin Shields, and many other musical heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Word. And I can't stress to people enough to go see this NOW because it is already in limited release and will be disappearing from theatres soon.