Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gliss at the Viper Room

Monday night's Check One,Two at the Viper Room boasted another fabulous line up with Gliss throwing a cd release party for their album "Love The Virgins". Gliss recently returned home from their cross country trek with the Raveonettes.


Shiloe started off the evening with a sound heavily influenced by the Pixies mixed with some Sonic Youth. Ken Ramos (Vocals/Guitar) had a vocal delivery that resembled Thurston Moore and was squeezing a sharp fuzz from his Gibson SG. Melissa Pleckham (Bass) had a Rickenbacker bass that was filling the room with low notes. Their latest release is "Please Remove Your Teeth From My Neck" which you can download from itunes. I will have to check them out again.

The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders came out with a handful of sunny sky pop songs in the vein of The Shins mixed with The Little Ones and Cold War Kids. Chris Chu (Vocals/Guitars) used his Fender Telecaster to draw up some wistful guitar tones. Joe Ferrell (Guitars/Keyboards) would alternate between his reverb punchy tone and playing some Rhodes keyboards. They have a self released cd coming in Spring of 2008. I particularly enjoyed the song "Damnit Anna". They have a few songs on their Myspace page for your perusal and listening pleasure.


Gliss captured my attention almost a year ago when I saw them here. Gliss was celebrating the release of their album "Love The Virgins" which comes highly recommended if you enjoy Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Jesus and The Mary Chain. Martin Klingman (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums) has a compelling voice that meshes well with the dark alley dynamics of their music. Gliss also played some new songs that show even greater promise with one of the songs entitled "Love Songs" which had a spacey vibe to it. I will keep you posted when their cd is available in the stores.

The Idyllists

Idyllists got my attention early with the keyboard setup of a Virus Access TI and a Nord Lead 2x. Their music is a nice homage to Brit pop coated with synthesizers. Ian Webber (Vocals) wasn't confined to the stage at the Viper Room as he interacted with the audience and climbed on some speakers. When I wasn't being dazzled by the various synth effects, I was captivated by the jangly guitars that were heavily influenced by Johnny Marr and John Squire(Stone Roses). "Oblivious" and "My Mind Has Changed" are two songs I recommend you check out on their myspace page.

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rain said...

You should definitely check out Shiloe again. Their show last night was great. They are playing Canter's Deli (really) for free on Dec. 7th.

And considering your tastes, I think you should check out War Tapes, too. They are playing at Mountain Bar on Dec. 15.

Links to both of the bands can be found on my page. I am enjoying your blog. Great pics!