Thursday, November 08, 2007

Muscles at the Detroit Bar

I originally planned to go to Atlanta to see the Smashing Pumpkins but decided against it at the last minute. I was excited about the prospect of catching two Smashing Pumpkins concerts in a row. It turns out that the Smashing Pumpkins canceled their two shows due to Jimmy Chamberlin(Drums) experiencing some chest pain. I am happy to report that Jimmy is okay and everything was a close call.

I suddenly found myself without Halloween plans. I wanted to see New Young Pony Club and Muscles on Tuesday night at the Echo but had to defer to Battles. Even though I missed New Young Pony Club, I had a chance to see Muscles at the Detroit Bar for a Busy Work extravaganza.

Dan Sena did his DJ set prior to Muscles taking the stage and spinning some Danzig, and Rage Against The Machine. A Daft Punk imposter also graced the stage for a spell.
Australia has been hot lately with some exports like Wolfmother, and The Presets. I would like to add Muscles to the ever growing list. Muscles was armed with two keyboard controllers and a laptop running Reason, as he played songs of his electro odyssey album "Guns, Babes, and Lemonade" on Modular Records.

It didn't take long for the crowd at the Detroit Bar to start crowding towards the front of the stage and take in all the synth goodness of Muscles. Muscles combines elements of trance, electronica, house and blends it all together for some high octane party anthems. The music would taste like a batch of rainbow colored nerds mixed with pop rocks while guzzling down a Rockstar Energy drink. It was a high fueled and intense energy show. Muscles would often throw out a "WOO!" into his songs and couldn't resist taking out his camera to capture the moment.

"Sweaty" lived up to its name as most of the Detroit Bar was dancing in their costumes making it a visually striking moment. "The Lake" seems like it was a lost trance anthem with its throbbing synths and hard driving beat. "Chocolate Rasberry Lemon and Lime" had some circus sounding synths bubbling through the song. "Marshmallow" started with pulsating synths and had the crowd clapping along. "One Inch Badge Pin" had some vocoder action in the song which is always welcomed. "Ice Cream" is one of Muscles more popular songs and has the lyrics of "Ice Cream is gonna save the day". I think the Ice Cream Man would agree. "Futurekidz" had a heavy dance vibe and sounded like an early Depeche Mode song. Muscles closed his set with "Hey Muscles I Love You" which I think everyone at the Detroit Bar would agree.

Muscles setlist at the Detroit Bar (10/31/07)
"The Lake"
"Chocolate Rasberry Lemon and Lime"
"One Inch Badge Pin"
"Ice Cream"
"Hey Muscles I Love You"

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