Friday, February 01, 2008

Le Switch at the Prospector

I managed to roll into the Prospector in one piece as I had passed about three accidents on the freeway on a dark and stormy night after watching MGMT/Yeasayer at the Echo. The Prospector usually runs late and I was hoping I would make it in time to catch The Movies and Le Switch.

It turns out I stepped inside as Le Switch was firing on all cylinders with an unlikely dance party erupting in front of them. My dissapointment of missing The Movies had quickly subsided. Aaron Kyle (Vocals/Guitars) was leading the charge with his whiskey soaked voice and towering stage presence as he banged on his Fender Telecaster. Maria Deluca (Violin/Trumpet/Vocals) probably triggered the dance party with her dance moves on stage and adept trumpet/violin skills that added intriguing auditory layers to already interesting songs. Joshua Charney (Keyboards) was making his Nord Electro keyboard look like a child's toy as he worked his way up and down the keyboard effortlessly. The vibe at the Prospector was perfect for Le Switch's set. Le Switch plays a hybrid indie/rock/alt country vibe in the vein of Wilco and The Hold Steady with startling conviction. The crowd demanded an encore to which Le Switch was happy to oblige. It is not surprising to find out that Le Switch are signed to Autumn Tone records run by Aquarium Drunkard. I missed a few songs, but can "Tongue Tied" was phenomenal with Maria blaring on the trumpet. Le Switch will be at the Silverlake lounge on Feb 6th with Frankel and Blair which should be an amazing show.

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