Monday, February 05, 2007

Peter, Bjorn, and John at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach

Peter, Bjorn, and John finished up the "whistle stop" tour of the states at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach. I was too busy rocking out to Helmet to go to the Roxy show. I figured I would check them out at Fingerprints to see them play an acoustic set. Acoustic sets are great in that they are very telling how good the songs are stripped down. Peter and Bjorn were very affable guys on stage and joked around a bit. The stage setup was minimal with two acoustic guitars(Fender/Taylor) and a Roland electronic drum pad for drums and synth samples. They played a great rendition of "Paris 2004", "Objects of My Affection" and of course "Young Folks". Peter had asked the crowd if anyone had seen the show the night before and only a handful of people responded. Watch the video above of "Young Folks" to hear live whistling and not the backing track that they used at the Roxy. I also particularly enjoyed the synth wash samples that they incorporated into the song. Fingerprints records handed out a cool Peter, Bjorn, and John poster and held a signing afterwards. I had to jet before the signing because I needed to zoom up to Pasadena to catch Morrissey.

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