Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Morrissey at the Pasadena Civic (Night 3)

I was excited about the last night of Morrissey's three night stand because I had a much better seat down in the orchestra. I cruised by the merch booth to see they were sold out of the Morrissey tie and money clip which would have been a nice pick up. Morrissey merchandise has always been really cool. Does anyone remember the Morrissey pillow case that had a picture of him with the quote, "Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me"? Kristeen Young opened the show and was unfortunately not received well by the rabid fan base of Morrissey fans. I guess they don't understand she is on his Attack Records label handpicked by Morrissey himself. She reminded me of the Dresden Dolls in that it was just her with a keyboard and a drummer. Her voice was a hybrid of Bjork, and Tori Amos. Kristeen pounded on the keyboard and gave it her all which was very commendable in the face of a hostile environment. I would see her again if she played her own show. The lights dimmed and some screen tests of Jimmy Dean and Richard Davalos from East of Eden were shown. The band soon sauntered across the stage and opened with the shimmery chords of "How Soon is Now?". The crowd went crazy. I was secretly hoping Morrissey would play one or two different songs but eventually Morrissey played the same set with the omission of "I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now". Morrissey was not nearly as chatty compared to the night before. Some funny highlights include him introducing the band and then himself as Chester Bennington(Linkin Park). I think that just made Chester's year. Morrissey also eluded to the Super Bowl and that his money was on the "Denver Omelettes". He thanked the staff at the Pasadena Civic for having to put up with hearing his voice for 3 nights in a row as well. Morrissey also mentioned how great Pasadena was because it had a Bristol Farms and a Rite-Aid which was followed with a "just kidding". I didn't take notes as I was too busy taking all the music in. Morrissey also had a spotlight on him all night which made photograph taking a challenge. Morrissey really understands how to work an audience and had everyone in the palm of his hand. After the encore of "First of The Gang To Die", I could see a lot of audience members sneaking down to try to make a rush and a push to the front of the stage for a little invasion. They would be disappointed as the house lights went up and Frank Sinatra echoed through the auditorium. Hopefully, Morrissey will be back soon and they will get their chance.

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