Thursday, February 01, 2007

Helmet at the Troubadour

The Troubadour is always a good place to see a show. The sound mix at the troubadour is usually spot on. Totimoshi benefitted from the expert audio engineering at the Troubadour as they put on one of their best sounding sets. Tony Aguilar's Gibson Challenger was rumbling with riffs that poured out like molasses. He had two Mesa Boogie cabinents and a Carvin Quad X series preamp. I suspect that his guitar is tuned down to "B". Meg Castellanos had some problems with her bass setup early on, but quickly regained her form after a song. Their album Ladron will be released on Volcom records soon so check it out. Some of the Totimoshi highlights include "Ladron", "The Hide", and "Viva Zapata". Helmet was up next and crushed the crowd as usual. The band had some extra fire on stage tonight and really kept the energy level high. Some highlights include a seething version of "Blacktop". "Milquetoast" is a live favorite and the band gives it their all during that awesome outro. "Tic" was amazing as Page conducted a feedback symphony standing in front of his VHT setup. Page also turned his guitar upside down and was using his pick to scratch the coils to obtain a metallic feedback scratching effect. I was also excited that "Exactly What You Wanted" was played as it is one of my favorites from the album "Aftertaste". Page also hinted that he wanted the guys to learn all the Helmet songs so they could do some shows in which they would play the whole album start to finish. How awesome would that be? If this occurs, you will see pictures and the review here.

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