Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Bravery and Foreign Born at the Troubadour

Will The Bravery avoid the sophomore slump? I went to the Troubadour looking for the answer. Foreign Born opened the festivities with their indie rock vibe. They have been playing a lot of local shows recently and continue to improve their live set. Their stage setup has been enhanced with 2 lighted signs signifying "Foreign" and "Born". I also enjoyed "Union Hall" with the use of their "Change Shakers". Foreign Born will release their full length album "On The Wing" in April. The intro synth sequence to "An Honest Mistake" by the Bravery is one of the more recognizable synth sequences in the past couples of years. John Conway(synthesizers) rocks an Access Indigo along with an Apple laptop but added a sweet Rhodes Electric Piano to his setup. John ended up using his Rhodes piano more on the new songs rather than his Access Indigo. The new songs from the upcoming album "The Sun and The Moon" were more rocking and featured less synthesizers. I have to give credit to the Bravery for not making a sequel to their first album, yet leaving the music immediately recognizable as that of the Bravery. A picture of Michael Zakarin's pedalboard is above which included a Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive pedal just like Albert Hammond Jr. It must be a New York thing. Overall, The Bravery will manage to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump as displayed by their rocking set.

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