Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron at the Nottingham Ice Arena

Nottingham knows how to party. After the concert, my friends and I ventured to Nottingham Rock City which is a Heavy Metal/Rock N’ Roll club that was voted the premier rock club in England. It was open till 3am on Saturday night and the amount of people partying in the streets didn’t stop till at least 4am. This capped another excellent show by Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron. Ladytron was up first and played their usual silky electronic set. The bassist was rocking a Marshall Bass Cab and Head along with a Line 6 Bass Pod for all the songs except when she switched to keyboards for “Destroy Everything You Touch”. The concert was held in a hockey arena so the sound was okay but had a spot of echo in it. Nine inch Nails came out to “Love is not enough” and I could feel the wave of people crash over me on the barrier. “No, You Don’t” and “Into the Void,” were highlights from this show as again I was treated to some songs that Nine Inch Nails don’t normally play. Josh destroyed on the drums during “Wish”. The stage setup for Nine Inch Nails includes interrogation like lights hanging from above the band members heads with pull strings attached. Jeordie White was particularly interested with his light and had it moving all night long. Aaron North broke Trent’s pull string for his light. This was also the first time I got to see the new song "Survivalism" off of Year Zero. The song featured some extra riffage courtesy of Alessandro Cortini. Trent was also using a Snarling Dog Wah pedal during parts of "Survivalism". Ironically, the Killers were scheduled to play the next night but I needed to head down to Birmingham for another dose of Nine Inch Nails.

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