Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cold War Kids, Two Gallants, and Delta Spirit at the El Rey Theatre

Wednesday night provided two intriguing options. The options were Grizzly Bear and Foreign Born at the Troubadour or Cold War Kids plus very special guests at the El Rey. I had just seen Cold War Kids at the spaceland a few weeks ago but decided to try my luck on the special guests. Delta spirit opened the show and sounded even more confident than the prior show I reviewed at the Detroit Bar. One of the measures that I take into consideration when reviewing bands is how quickly the set goes by and if I can remember the specific songs played. The Delta Spirit won a lot of fans over with their high energy blues rock. The sound was mixed well at the El Rey and one could hear all the separate instruments blend together into one harmonious voice. They played "Trash" and "People Turn Around" with some Cold War Kids jumping on stage to help out. The Two Gallants were up next and had a Black Keys/White Stripes vibe in that it was just a guitarist and a drummer. They had some technical difficulties with their guitar but managed to soldier on. I think I was too distracted by how good the Delta Spirit was to really concentrate on the Two Gallants set. The Cold War Kids soon stormed on stage and brought down the house. It was very impressive to see how easily they worked the audience. The crowd at the prior show at Spaceland was enthralled. The crowd at the El Rey was enraptured. "Hang Me Out To Dry" and "Hospital Beds" were fiery and spirited to say the least. During "Saint John", Nathan Willett called for some audience members to help him with the song and somebody obliged by jumping on stage. I was a bit skeptical about seeing how a band could jump from Spaceland to the El Rey so quickly but believe the hype kids..Cold War Kids that is.

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troub show sounds way better