Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron at the Brixton Academy Night 2

Night 2 of Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron was preceeded with another Year Zero listening party that featured sandwiches and tea. Ladytron opened and performed their 30 minute set with their usual confidence. I always enjoy Mira's performance of "Fighting In Built Up Arenas". Ladytron's setlist was consisted of "High Rise", "True Mathematics", "He Took Her To a Movie", "Soft Power", "17", "International Dateline", "Fighting In Built Up Arenas" and "Destroy Everything You Touch". After Ladytron finished, the music before Nine Inch Nails featured a remix of "Survivalism" which was interesting. Nine Inch Nails came out and delievered another blistering performance that featured the debut of a new song "The Beginning of The End". It is a rockier version of the song as opposed to the more electronic tinged album version. The piano ballad of "La Mer" also featured Alessandro Cortini adding some theremin like effects via his French Connection keyboard. Trent Reznor took a prolonged tea break prior to his rendition of "Hurt" which is understandable since he was still recovering from the set the night before as well. Trent dedicated "The Hand That Feeds" as a love poem to George Bush. Originally this was going to be my last Nine Inch Nails show but due to unforseen circumstances I caught the last show in London.

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