Friday, March 23, 2007

The Rapture at the London Astoria

One of the few good luck stories from my trip to England was seeing Rapture at the London Astoria. I checked Ticketmaster U.K. and found out that The Rapture were playing but unfortunately it was sold out. I happenend to eat dinner close to the Astoria and walked by the venue after the concert had already started. Within seconds, ticket scaplers magically appeared. I ended up paying below face value for the ticket due to my shrewd negotiation skills. The London Astoria is a fair sized venue roughly the size of the Hollywood Avalon and it was packed. After paying my respects at the Keith Moon Bar, I strolled upstairs to get a decent view of the show. The cigarette smoke had filled the room and made picture taking a challenge. Rapture has quite the following in the U.K. and the crowd was going crazy all night as they were treated to songs from Echoes and Pieces of People We Love. During "House of Jealous Lovers", the entire floor of the Astoria was jumping up and down. Other highlights included "Whoo!Alright-Yeah Uh Huh" and "Sister Saviour". The Rapture will be touring with Daft Punk so make sure you get those tickets now because it will be an amazing show.

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