Sunday, March 18, 2007

Forever Like Red at the Cambridge Loft

I had 2 options for shows in England on my “night off”. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was playing in London or Forever Like Red(FLR) was playing at the Cambridge Loft. Since Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is from Los Angeles, it would have been foolish to miss Forever Like Red. Forever Like Red consists of Cameron Meshell, Pelle Hillstrom who had toured with Alessandro Cortini in ModWheelMood. They were signed to a U.K. record deal and will have a debut album out in the summer. Their album Distance was produced by Brad Wood who also produced one of my favorite bands Hum. Forever Like Red is fronted by Cameron who possesses an impressive vocal range to accompany his dynamic stage presence. The loft is a small venue about the size of Spaceland back in Los Angeles. Forever Like Red rocked the house with lots of emotion that blew me away since this was their first show of the European tour. I see big things in their future and I anxiously await their new cd. Pelle added great solos and countermelodys to Cameron’s shimmery guitar strums. Pelle’s solo at the end of “Father” cut like a knife. Pelle had an impressive army of effects pedals including a Line 6 Modulation, Line 6 Delay, and an Octafuzz pedal. They just started a tour in the U.K. and hope to hit the states in the future. You have been duly warned.

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