Friday, December 05, 2008

Oasis at the Staples Center

Check out my review for OC Weekly here. The pictorial slideshow is here.

Oasis Setlist at the Staples Center (12/04/08)
"Rock & Roll Star"
"Shock Of The Lightning"
"Cigarettes & Alcohol"
"Meaning of Soul"
"To Be Where There's Life"
"Waiting For The Rapture"
"Slide Away"
"Morning Glory"
"Ain't Got Nothing"
"Importance of Being Idle"
"I'm Outta Time"
"Don't Look Back In Anger"
"Fallin' Down"
"Champagne Supernova"
"I Am The Walrus"


wastedyouth said...

i was totally fucking there. it was sooooooo goood. i was pumped for ciggarettes & alcohol

Adam said...

I was there too. Unfortunately, I was relocated to a section in the wings, due to the fact that the show didn't sell out. As a result, I couldn't see Noel for a lot of the show. Also, there were a lot of sound problems early on.

I did enjoy the show though. It may be a cliche to say it, but it was FANTASTIC to hear Wonderwall live. Liam sounded really good too, which is something that, before this tour, I wasn't sure I'd be saying. It's great to see him back in top form.