Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tool at The Pearl in Las Vegas

It was funny when a Tool fan started talking to me before the show and asked me how many times I had seen Tool. I remarked that my third ever concert was Tool, The Melvins, and GWAR at the Hollywood Palladium in 1992 and I have seen them at least 20 times.

I was extremely excited to see this show since it was held at the Pearl at the Palms. The intimacy of last nights show will be difficult to top. The Pearl was electric last night as Tool shook off the cobwebs to deliver a thunderous set. I was impressed by the sound system at the Pearl but thought that Maynard's vocals could have been a little bit louder. The Pearl itself is an stellar venue that seems a bit smaller than the Wiltern back in Los Angeles. One of the highlights of the night included Maynard J. Keenan (Vocals) commenting, "Moshpits...huuhh" in his Beavis and Butthead voice. My favorite tunes included "Sober", "Forty Six & Two" and "Jambi". Adam Jones (Guitars)did have some technical problems with his talk box but it still was a scintillating performance. Adam pulled out an electric razor to place on his strings to conjure some alien feedback before crushing the audience with the riff from "Sober". His two Diezel Amp heads were on display running through Mesa Boogie cabinets. The technical abilities of all the band members is a site to behold in a live setting. They did not announce any Los Angeles dates, so I made sure I secured two nights in San Diego hoping that this would not be their last tour.

Tool Setlist from the Pearl In Las Vegas:
"46 and 2"
"Rosetta stoned"
"Wings For Marie"
"10,000 Days"

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