Thursday, April 19, 2007

Silversun Pickups at the Silverlake Lounge

The Silverlake lounge has a listed capacity of 176. Don't tell the fire marshall but I believe max capacity was exceeded Tuesday night. It was the Fold's 10 year anniversary and a "special" guest was making an appearance. The first surprise was that I actually found a spot in the parking lot. The second surprise was a blistering performance by the Silversun Pickups.

The Pity Party was worth price of admission alone as they kicked out some fuzz jams that ensnared the audience. I was impressed by Hesienflei's abilities to play drums, sing and manipulate basslines via her Yamaha DX7. M (Guitars/Vocals) did a sufficient job conjuring fuzz from his Fender amp. I was so entranced I forgot to take pictures. Catch them on May 3rd with the super bill of Autolux, and Midnight Movies. I was also impressed when they listed Failure, and Kraftwerk as influences on their myspace page.

Castledoor came up with a blend of indie rock combined with a tinge of country. They also had a sweet Access Indigo Virus synthesizer on stage combined with a Nord Electro. Nate Cole (Vocals/Guitar) was dancing around the small stage and led the group through a cheeky cover of "Cry Me A River". Check out their EP "Follow The Dove" on itunes.

Silversun Pickups(SSPU) were finally revealed as the secret surprise guests to the delight of the packed house. After their taping on the Jimmy Kimmel show, they played a full set that shows how tight a live band they have become. Joseph Lester had a new Keyboard rig that features a Korg MS-2000, and an M-Audio Axiom that was controlling a Roland Phantom XR module. Brian Aubert (Vocals/Guitars) had a new pedalboard and used a Fender Jaguar during the set. They rocked the house with selections off of "Carnavas" and closed with the brilliant "Common Reactor". Do yourself a favor and buy this album as well as catch them at Coachella.

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