Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monsters Are Waiting at the Orange County Museum of Art

The third Thursday of the month means a free show down at the Orange County Museum of art. I can't say enough about this event as I have caught quite a few good bands(Silversun Pickups, Mellowdrone, The Little Ones and Darker My Love) going deep behind the orange curtain.

Last time I caught Monsters Are Waiting was when they opened for Stellastarr* at the Troubadour. I commented back then how much their live set has improved and I would like to reaffirm that statement as they played a solid set. Annalee introduced "Ones's and Zero's" as a working title of their new song and it rocked as the tempo sped up to climax at the end with a vicious drum flurry. "Endless" was another new track that featured a bass line taken from the Peter Hook(Joy Division, New Order) playbook. The band kept the spirit of Manchester alive by conjuring up The Stone Roses cover "I Wanna Be Adored". They closed the set with "Christine" but unfortunately didn't play my favorite song "Last Goodbye" but will be back in July with Maximo Park.

I also saw the guys from Satisfaction loitering around the museum. They used to be in the band Smile which you may remember had the song "Staring At The Sun". The fuzz guitar and bass on that album is exceptional and a worthy pickup if you want to hear some classic '90s fuzz.

Pictured above is the Monsters Are Waiting pedalboard. Pedal of notable mention goes to the Ibanez L.A. Metal distortion/fuzz. Straight out of the '80s, but sounded good to me.

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