Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Killers at Staples Center

I receive a lot of flack from my friends for being a Killers fan. My defense is that if it is good enough for Flood and Alan Moulder, then it is good enough for me. The Killers appeared on my radar when they opened for Morrissey at the Wiltern back in 2004. They are the second band(Tool was the first) that I had seen in a club that have eventually graduated to the Staples Center. Solarcade opened the show and played a generic rock set. The only thing interesting about their show was the B.C. Rich acrylic green lit guitar. Howling Bells came to the rescue with a dreamy alternative rock vibe. Juanita Stein (Vocals/Guitars) had a voice similar to Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and was rocking with a Fender Mustang and an Orange Amp Half Stack. Their album is not available domestically but I was intrigued when I heard some of their songs were remixed by The Presets and Forward Russia. I will await their domestic release to see how they fare. The Killers opened with streamers and "Sam's Town" that electrified the Staples center. I was impressed with Brandon Flowers improving stage presence as he frantically paced the stage and gave a passionate performance. One thing that has not changed about the Killers is Brandon's synth setup which consists of a Nord Lead 2 and a MicroKorg. The beginning synth swell of "Read My Mind" was excellent and continued to capitivate the audience. I was extremely surprised that the Killers performed "Shadowplay" originally performed by Joy Division. I think everyone in the crowd under 30 was looking at each other unable to identify the song. Unfortunately, the metal detectors prevented me from taking my camera into the venue so I posted a picture from the Troubadour show. It would have been helpful to have the camera because I could have snapped a picture of a disinterested Jessica Simpson who was two rows behind me from the floor.

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Anonymous said...

yes indeed, celebrities at shows in l.a. one of the downsides, you see their "fake" fandom in some of the best seats in the house