Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mew at the Henry Fonda

Mew leaves quite the impression in a live setting. During San Diego Street Scene last year, I was walking to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's after catching Bloc Party's set and stopped dead in my tracks after watching Mew perform. I couldn't describe their music at first but I was immediately drawn in and entranced. Mew describes themselves as dreamy thunderstorm pop. I describe them as a phenomenal live band. Oh No! Oh My! opened the concert with their brand of quirk pop that sounded like an amalgamation of Band of Horses, and The Rentals. It was the second time I spotted a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer on stage(Rapture was the first). Other key gear included a Korg MS-2000, a Rhodes Piano, and a Melodica. The band had a good energy on stage and I liked their set but felt it was mismatched in terms of opening for Mew. Since I was in the middle of a seven day concert stretch I opted to sit in the balcony and check out the visual aspect of Mew's show. Mew proceeded to play songs from their 2003 album "Frengers" and 2005 album "And the Glass Handed Kites". Jonas Bjerre (Vocals/Guitar) has an amazing vocal range in league with Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Thom Yorke(Radiohead). Some great examples of their epic songs include "The Zookeeper's Boy", "Am I Wry?", "Snow Brigade" and "Special". "Special" features some excellent guitar work by Bo Madsen as he uses a Danelectro Baritone to crank out the opening riffs. Mew was shrouded in darkness all night as the visuals and the music took over. Their albums will take over your ipod as well.

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