Friday, April 27, 2007

Autolux at the Casbah

My first show of 2007 was Autolux at the Little Radio New Year's Party. While most of my friends don't remember this show, it was a spectacular way to start the year. Autolux has been busy recording the follow up to their classic album "Future Perfect" which is due this summer.

HEALTH hailing from Los Angeles opened for Autolux with their off kilter feedback noise rock. They played odd time signature tunes with mathematical precision that included microphonic feedback and suitcases of effects. As an admirer of noise rock and feedback, I was impressed.

Autolux started the set with "The Science of Imaginary Solutions" which featured Carla Azar (Vocals/Drums) providing some shuffling drum beats along with her airy vocals. Greg Edwards (Guitars) did an excellent job conjuring up a storm of fuzz and distortion from his rig. Some of the more interesting effects in his chain were two vintage Crowther Audio Hot Cake overdrive pedals. His setup was very complex as he switched effortlessly between channels on his VHT amp. Greg also was using his volume pedals and his Line 6 expression pedal all night to get different textures to his tone. If Tool wasn't playing in San Diego, I would be at their Glasshouse Show on May 3 with Midnight Movies and the Pity Party.

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