Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Little Ones at the Troubadour

I almost aborted this show due to the fact that I was attending the Battle of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Lakers vs the Los Angeles Clippers). With a victory by the Clippers, I double timed it up to the Troubadour to catch the last thirty minutes of The Little Ones set. It was ironic however that after two songs, Ed Reyes (Guitar/Vocals) asked the audience if the Lakers won the game. I did manage to catch "Lovers Who Uncover" and "High on a Hill" but missed my favorite song "Oh, MJ!". If you enjoy bubble gum pop with a infusion of Beatles like sensibilities, then I highly recommend The Little Ones EP Sing Song. For a description of their gear, check out my archival shows in December 2006 when they played at the Orange County Museum of Art. Unfortunately I did not catch Sea Wolf but they will be playing again with the Canadian wonders Sloan in a few weeks. The Little Ones will be embarking on an intriguing tour package of The Kaiser Chiefs, and The Walkmen before returning back to the U.K.

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