Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mew at the Belly Up

Deja Vu struck me as I pulled into the Belly Up parking lot on a Sunday evening. This was probably due to the fact I was there last week for the amazing Tv on the Radio show. Mew at the Belly Up was a show not to be missed. I have alluded on the varied reasons why the Belly Up is an amazing venue for a show as listed in my prior reviews (TV on the Radio, Ladytron, and Silversun Pickups) and continue to watch their concert calendar for any good shows. This show was no different as I was privileged to catch the final Mew show on their tour of the U.S. Oh No! Oh My! was on board again to play an energetic set that went over well with the crowd. The songs seemed catchier on the second go around and I caught myself tapping my foot during their set. This calls for an investigation into some of their releases. Oh No! Oh My! were victims of final show pranks by the crew of Mew. Their drum kit was reversed and tape was placed on across their keyboards. Mew delievered another outstanding perfomance that featured "Why Are You Looking Grave?" which literally included "background" vocals from J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr fame. Some other set highlights included "Comforting Sounds" and "Am I Wry?". I also managed to snap a picture of Jonas Bjerre's pedalboard which featured another Z. Vex sighting in the form of a Super Duper pedal. Bo Madsen (Guitars) had a switching system combined with a Dunlop Wah pedal and a Boss Volume pedal. Please do yourself a favor and purchase both Mew releases of "Frengers" and "And The Glass Handed Kites" to expand your musical palette and impress your friends.

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Unknown said...

Hello Amateur Chemist, it's Claudio from Rome writing.

I'm a singer and guitar plater and I love Mew.

I'm trying hard to find which amplifier do Bo Madsen use.

In this live at Copenhagen

at 1:21 you can watch a white/red head and cabinet but I couldn't manage to recognize which trademark it is.
I watched lots and lots of amplifiers trademark on the web but none seems to be similar to that. I'm afraid it is a danish boutique amplifier.

Could you help me about that?
Do you still remember which amplifier did he use at the concert you've been to?

You can reply me at this email:

Thank you very much ;)