Thursday, November 02, 2006

Voxtrot & Low vs. Diamond at the Troubadour

Originally I planned to check this show out because it had Sound Team on the bill according to the Troubadour website. The Sound Team album has been playing on my ipod quite a bit lately along with Silversun Pickups and Asobi Sesku. So I did the obligatory myspace to check out the other bands music to see what I was in store for. First up was Yellow Fever from Austin, Texas. They had a '60s pop vibe with simple songs. One of the songs was an acapella "I broke your imac" which was pretty entertaining. Apparently one of the lead singers is featured on some Voxtrot songs as she came out later. Low vs. Diamond came out next and they sported a Korg MS-2000 which I have seen at a lot of shows lately (Ladytron, Forward Russia). They had a good sound with the members switching instruments on some songs. Some of their new material is less electronic and more song based. I will be checking out their E.P. when it comes out in Feb. 2007. The lead singer also looked like a doppelganger for Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. Maybe that is why some of the songs reminded me of Snow Patrol. Voxtrot finally hit the stage and played a great set. Very similar to a Shins type sound but with a bit more overdrive and lots of walking basslines. The band had a lot of enthusiam and played an energetic set. Also, some people don't know concert etiquette. One annoying guy started screaming for "Start of Something" for about 3 songs near the end of their set. Come on people show some class and let the band due the talking. Remember your etiquette people.

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