Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ladytron at the El Rey

Halloween night presented some interesting choices. Originally I had planned on going to see MSTRKRFT/Justice at Safari Sam's or see Chromeo at Cinespace but then Ladytron announced a Halloween show and I couldn't resist. I also had a chance to check out a Ladytron DJ set at the Standard Hotel the night before but opted out for rest and to watch the Kings finally win. On my way up the 110 to the El Rey was a traffic alert stating the delays into Hollywood was an hour.. so I was feeling lucky that I made the Ladytron show decision. Midnight Movies opened up the show and were sporting the latest in Mummy wear. They played a good set. Mira and Reuben from Ladytron were checking out their set, and Mira was taking some pictures in front of me. Out of the 3 prior Ladytron shows everyone had the same outfit. So when Ladytron hit the stage all gothed out, I was impressed. They played the same set but Mira seemed to be having a good time because she said more stuff tonight then all other shows combined. She even thanked Midnight Movies for coming out of their Sarcophagus I unfortunately didn't get my Human League cover but overall still a great set and you could see the band was having fun on stage. My luck would run out later along with my camera battery so I decided to leave before the Ladytron DJ set. Ladytron tickets went on sale today on for a December 7th show with the Faint but I will be gambling in Vegas with Wolfmother and the Silversun Pickups so I hope I will regain my luck then.

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