Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rapture and The Presets at Henry Fonda Theatre

Final round of Rapture and the Presets at the Henry Fonda theatre. The Fonda was the final date of this tour and the bands had a lot of energy once they hit the stage. The Fonda has a history of not allowing cameras so I didn't bother to bring mine. Of course, once the bands hit the stage it became a free for all as a bunch of cameras emerged from the crowd. I had some extra photos and videos from San Diego so I included them above. I opted for front row balcony at the Fonda to just relax and enjoy the show. It ended up being a wise decision because the Fonda experienced a 20 degree increase in temperature as the night moved on. The show was sold out but everyone was on the floor as there were empty seats up top. LA crowds are know for being jaded but that was not the case at this show. The Presets got an excellent reception and played their 45 minute set to rapturous applause (no pun intended but Mattie and Gabe were on the side of the stage clapping and dancing). Interesting to note that the Presets reduced their shirt prices to $15 so they wouldn't have to ship the shirts home to Australia. Bands are known to increase their prices when they play L.A. but I applaud their decision. The bands thanked one another for an amazing tour and I would have to agree with them. In terms of the increase in temperature...it was due to the whole dance floor going crazy. Probably the most movement I have seen in a concert in a little while. Rapture highlights included "Olio", and the best performance of "House of Jealous Lovers" I have seen. It is interesting to see how a good crowd can make a good show.

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