Saturday, November 11, 2006

Deftones at the Avalon

On my last post I talked about how I was fated to see the Pet Shop Boys. I was almost fated to NOT see the deftones. It all started when I was stuck in traffic for two and a half hours arriving at 6:00 for the CDUSA taping. By the time I ran up to the KTLA station gates, they were closed about 5 mins prior to my arrival. I was a little disappointed to say the least. It worked out for the best because the Deftones show was early(7:30) because the club was going to open after the show. I was meeting up with my friend at the Deftones show so I got into line and talked to some fellow concertgoers. I somehow dropped my ticket in line and when I got to the front door I was ticketless. The bouncer then stated at that moment that no tickets would be released and a line of thirty people groaned as they trudged away. Another bouncer was sweeping up trash from the sidewalk at that minute and I had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factroy moment as I saw my golden ticket being swept up. I immediately told the bouncer to check for my ticket and he said I was very lucky and handed me my ticket. Whew!! I secured my spot inside and had to sit thru Deadsy. I have seen them before and was not impressed. The lead singer is Exeter Blue who happens to be the son of Cher and one of the Allman Bros. I scanned the crowd for Cher but didn't see her. My friend jokingly said I could have went to the ticket window and said I was Cher's guest and that I was on the list. The Deftones came onto the stage with the intro music of The Cure and started to rock the night away. It was a very heavy "White Pony" set list with an appearance of a female vocalist on "Knife Party" Chino was all over the stage and did the obligatory jump into the crowd during "Hexagram". They also played "Hole in the Earth", and "Cherry Waves" from the new album which sounded great. I was very thankful to be in attendance overall and have my San Diego ticket stapled to my wallet.

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