Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Deftones at Soma

People often ask me why do I go to multiple nights of concerts seeing the same band two nights in a row. The Deftones are a perfect example of why I go to mulitple shows. The first Deftones show featured "RX Queen", "Hexagram", "Digital Bath",and "Knife Party". The second Deftones show featured none of the previous songs and instead had "Minerva", "Nosebleed", "Lifter", and "Root". I had never been to SOMA before but I had heard about a lot of cool shows that go on there. SOMA is located in a strip mall close to the San Diego Sports arena and had free parking which was cool. It is an all ages venue so the kids were out in force. My friend pointed out that the club was an old movie theatre because you could see the beams in the middle of the venue and the projection booth slots were still in place. I opted to hang out in lobby and miss out on Deadsy. When I ventured back in to watch the Deftones... the place was packed. Not wanting to fight the crowd.. I hung back to watch the chaos unfold in the pit. The deftones played a spectacular set which was very heavy with old songs from "Adrenaline". The good thing was the show ended early and I was back home around 12:30. I also didn't lose my ticket this time which was a plus.

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