Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rapture and The Presets at Brick By Brick

Round 2 of Rapture and The Presets was down in San Diego at the Brick By Brick. The first round in Pomona was so good, I was compelled to forgo my plan of seeing the Lemonheads for another dose of guitars and synths. I arrived down in San Diego and was surprised how small the Brick By Brick was. It was maybe 1.5 times the size of the Troubadour. It was also 21 and over so no kids tonight. It was sold out and the Presets did one very loud sound check that could be heard while I was outside the venue. The Presets came on at 9:15 and proceeded to rock the house as usual. Their CD is really good but I almost wish they would put out a live DVD because the different mixes of how they play the songs are really outstanding. Highlights from their set include "Are You the One?", "Down, Down, Down", and "The Girl and the Sea". They also mentioned they would be back next year which was really exciting. The Rapture came on and kept the energy level high as they knocked out a 14 song set. Unfortunately the concert was paused for awhile because part of the ceiling fell and hit the guitar tech in the head. An ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital. I hope this wasn't the same tech who received a nasty electrical shock from the microphone during the Pomona show. When the Rapture was playing though, I noticed Luke was using a nickel as a guitar pick!! The paint just past the strings is all chipped away and that would explain why. I always thought the Rapture had a metallic sound but I didn't think it was due to a nickel!! Gabe was killing on the sax as usual and seemed to dance around more versus the Pomona show. Overall an excellent perfomance but the energy was stopped due to the injury of the guitar tech. Rapture song highlights include "Get myself Into It", "House of Jealous Lovers", and "Echoes".

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